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Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday dedicated to giving thanks for bounty, and that includes all number of foods. While most people fondly recall Thanksgiving of years past with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and corn, the holiday menu can be a nightmare for those with food sensitivities. Maybe you’re gluten-free, or trying out a ketogenic diet, or lactose intolerant. The classic stuffing recipe can be daunting. Love Thanksgiving but dreading finding diet-friendly recipes for all the sensitive eaters for you and your family? Check out these options to keep your holiday meal digestible for all:

Gluten-free stuffing:

Gluten is lurking everywhere, and on holidays like Thanksgiving, it can be difficult for gluten-sensitive dinner guests. Luckily, gluten-free stuffings are becoming more and more popular! The key is using gluten-free bread as a base. While there are many options available ready-made from the store, you can also make your own gluten-free bread using gluten free flour. Just be sure to watch out for hidden gluten in other ingredients around the dinner table, like thickeners in gravy and breading. Try this recipe using gluten-free homemade bread for your meal this year.

Keto stuffing:

Wondering how to keep your ultra-low-carb dinner guests satiated during a traditionally carb-heavy meal? Vegetables make up the majority of keto-friendly “stuffings,” and relatively mild vegetables can absorb the flavors of Thanksgiving to deliver that nostalgic taste. For vegetables, try mushrooms, eggplants, or zucchini. You can also add sausage for a savory touch, like this cauliflower and sausage stuffing. If you’re paleo, you can add in sweet potatoes for extra starchiness.

Dairy free stuffing:

Butter often plays a big role in holiday meals, but there are plenty of delicious dairy-free options that will still pack the same punch. Cooking techniques like using a slow cooker can help impart a super flavorful taste without the richness (and lactose intolerance generating effects of) butter. Try this delicious sourdough-based stuffing for those who don’t digest dairy easily.

Vegan dressing:

So, having vegan stuffing in a turkey obviously undoes the vegan part. However, standalone dressing dishes can be kept free of animal products. Vegan ingredients like lentils and vegetable broth give plenty of flavor and volume, while rich fats like olive oil provide depth. Use your favorite bread as the base of the dressing, and Thanksgiving classics like sage and celery will provide the traditional tastes of the holiday. Looking for hassle-free recipes? Try this one-bowl, nine-ingredient vegan stuffing to include everyone at the table.

Grain-free stuffing:

While gluten-free is a more commonly known (and commercially accommodated) sensitivity, grain-free–meaning foods with no rice, corn, oats, or other common wheat product–can be even more challenging during Thanksgiving. Grain-free diets can include some “ancient grains” like quinoa or amaranth, so use these to your advantage in grain-free stuffings. You can also use harvest fruits like apples to add sweetness and texture. Looking for some inspiration? Here’s a great grain-free stuffing recipe that will keep your dinner guests happy!

No matter what you are sensitive for, this Thanksgiving, try to include as many organic and sustainably-raised foods at the dinner table. While food sensitivities can make you feel left out during the holiday season, there are always plenty of options and substitutes to enjoy the holiday cheer! Looking for some additional direction in your digestive health? Schedule a consultation today to get expert advice on your wellness!