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Obesity is a global epidemic, and the United States is no exception, with nearly forty-two percent of Americans being classified as obese between 2017 and 2020 by the CDC. Being overweight can lead to numerous health problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. 


For individuals struggling with obesity, shedding excess weight is crucial. However, the tried-and-true bariatric surgeries (laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy or RNY gastric bypass) often require invasive procedures and pose potential dangers. Fortunately, a novel alternative is already available: endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). This revolutionary non-surgical weight loss solution uses a minimally invasive approach, leveraging an endoscope equipped with a camera and light to create a sleeve-like structure in the stomach and reduce its size. 


The ESG procedure is a modern and desirable substitute for traditional bariatric surgeries, providing a safer and more effective option for those looking for a minimally invasive weight loss solution. While losing weight is the primary benefit of this procedure, ESG offers other benefits as well. 


Read on to learn about the top advantages of ESG. 




Advantage # 1: Is Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty reversible?

ESG is mainly a permanent procedure, and that’s a good thing! Once the stomach heals, it retains the same shape in the long term. This is key to long-lasting, maintained weight loss. However, since ESG is an endoscopic bariatric procedure that can reduce the size of the stomach without cutting it; if needed, the suture material can be removed endoscopically and the ESG could be potentially reversed.


Advantage # 2: Is Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty safe or are there complications involved? 

Traditional bariatric surgeries require gastric bands or other internal devices, which can malfunction, slip, or erode, leading to complications that require additional surgeries or procedures. ESG, on the other hand, uses an endoscope with an endoscopic suturing device attached to its tip to place sutures in the stomach, but it does not require any external apparatus, significantly reducing the risk of complications. Research has shown that this non-invasive gastric sleeve procedure carries a lower risk of complications than traditional laparoscopic surgeries. The safety and efficacy of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for obesity have been well established.

Advantage # 3: Is Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty better than bariatric surgeries?

ESG is an incredibly successful new weight loss procedure, with the ability to result in a significant reduction in body weight, typically between fifteen and twenty percent or greater weight loss after ESG. This total body weight loss achievement is close to that of other bariatric surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy.  However, the non-invasive gastric sleeve procedure sets itself apart from other weight loss surgeries (such as laparoscopic gastric sleeve or gastric bypass) by offering a safer and more straightforward solution with minimal risks and complications. The efficacy and safety of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty have been well studied and established. ESG can be a good alternative to laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in patients who tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, but who do not qualify for gastric sleeve surgery based on their body mass index (BMI). These patients would benefit from weight loss success and may be a candidate for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. 


Studies have shown that patients who undergo ESG experience a sense of fullness immediately after meals, which can help in reducing portion sizes. A recent review published in 2022 revealed that after consuming solid foods, about thirty-two percent of the meal remained in the small gastric pouch after four hours, compared to only five percent before the procedure. This prolonged feeling of fullness can decrease food intake, leading to a significant reduction in body weight over time. Furthermore, a study followed patients who underwent ESG for five years and the patients were able to achieve significant weight loss, but they were also able to maintain long-term weight loss. 

Advantage # 4: What are the health benefits of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty?

ESG not only facilitates weight loss but also improves various health parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and diabetes management. Another significant advantage of an endoscopic gastric sleeve is its unparalleled success in addressing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a common condition that causes acid reflux, heartburn, and regurgitation. By relieving pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, ESG can reduce or eliminate GERD symptoms, and studies have shown that it leads to a 100% improvement rate in GERD symptoms. This makes it a particularly compelling choice for individuals who suffer from this condition. 


ESG’s impact goes beyond weight loss and GERD management. It has been found to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. By enhancing insulin sensitivity, ESG contributes to better blood sugar control and may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the modulation of ghrelin levels helps patients better manage their appetite and cravings, promoting long-term weight maintenance. 


Advantage # 5: Does Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty provide a fast recovery?

As it is a non-invasive gastric sleeve procedure, patients go home the same day (outpatient procedure)  and can expect a brief recovery time ranging from one to three days. This enables individuals to resume their daily activities promptly and enhances overall patient satisfaction. However, it is noteworthy to mention here that each body has its own recovery pace, and it is essential to follow the medical team’s post-operative guidelines. 


Advantage # 6: Is there a risk of nutritional deficiency with Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty?

ESG reduces the risk of nutritional deficiencies, which can occur with other bariatric procedures. Unlike gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgeries, ESG is a minimally invasive procedure that results in effective weight loss but does not reroute the digestive system or bypass parts of the small intestine. Therefore, patients who undergo an endoscopic gastric sleeve are less likely to experience malabsorption and associated nutrient deficiencies, promoting their overall health and well-being. It is always important to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with your doctor before making any decisions. 


Advantage # 7: Does Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty leave any scars?

With no cuts or incisions, the non-surgical gastric sleeve is an incisionless weight loss procedure that also boasts superior cosmetic outcomes compared to traditional bariatric surgeries. Patients can avoid concerns about unsightly scars, which can be a source of anxiety for many people.



Considering all of ESG’s benefits, patients need to keep in mind that commitment to a healthy diet and exercise routine is necessary to ensure the achieved weight loss results are maintained.


One thing to keep in mind as well is that, while insurance may not cover the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty cost, many payment facilities are in place to make the procedure as accessible as possible to eligible patients who wish to take this step and achieve weight loss goals.


In closing, as non-surgical gastric sleeve becomes more popular, it becomes increasingly important to select your doctor with diligence. When selecting the best endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) doctor, remember to conduct thorough research, gather information, and consider multiple factors such as the following to make an informed decision about selecting the best ESG doctor for your specific needs:


At the Silhouette Clinic, we are always ready to discuss various weight loss procedure options and provide a one-on-one consultation to guide patients through their weight loss journey. We also offer financing services to ensure that finances are not a hurdle. 

Do not let excess weight hold you back from living your best life. Consider ESG and take the first step towards a healthier and happier you!