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We spend more and more time looking at screens, scrolling on our phones, and plugging headphones in to drown out noise. While mobile devices have changed the way we communicate, consume content, and learn about current events, they can also be an unexpected place to track our personal fitness and develop healthier habits via fitness apps.

The app store can be an overwhelming place to find hundreds of fitness, diet, and exercise apps. Here are a few of our favorite apps to help you stay on track with your goals through creative, fun, and encouraging mobile engagement.


As one of the most popular fitness tracking apps around, MyFitnessPal has widespread popularity for good reason. With more than six million foods and their nutritional information in its database, it’s easy to use this app to get a quick overview of your daily eating habits. This app isn’t just for people looking to lose weight, either; with its intelligent recommendations, this app can help you achieve other fitness goals like putting on lean muscle, training regiments, and more.

2. Noom

Starting with a free test to create a customized plan, Noom is a comprehensive app to help people make and meet fitness goals, and sustain their successes into the future. More than a simple calorie-counting app or fitness tracker, Noom serves as a “coach” to users to guide their weight loss journey with tailored expert tips and encouragement. There’s also a robust Noom community you can tap into for support and advice.

3. Meditation Studio

Mental health is an important part of any health plan, and Meditation Studio is an app focused on relieving stress. The app offers a multitude of meditations, including guided, general relaxation, gratitude, eating, happiness, and more. With a subscription starting as low as $3.99, you can access over 200 meditations.

4. Fitnet

If you’re the kind of person that loves a class environment for motivation but can’t always make it to group exercises, Fitnet is a great app for you. Featuring a vast library of workouts as short as five minutes, Fitnet offers great options for people looking to workout that don’t have time to get to the gym everyday. And, to keep you accountable, allowing camera access to Fitnet allows its “selfie” feature to determine how accurately you are following the workout moves on-screen.

5. Blogilates

Casey Ho is the queen of pilates, even creating her own trademarked workout “Pop Pilates.” Blogilates started as a series of videos on YouTube and developed into a robust app that gives you access to even more great pilates-focused content, an online community, and workout calendars to keep you on track. With fun gamification features like the ability to unlock the monthly pilates video, Blogilates is one way to get excited about core strengthening every time you look at your phone.

Are you looking for some help to get your health journey on track? Check out Seven Steps to Lose Weight Without Dieting. If you are trying to lose weight or need help figuring out the best diet for you, call us today at 301-288-1319 to set up an appointment with our Registered Dietitian for personalized nutrition advice.